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A lawyer, as defined by Websters, is...“one who has been trained to advise others in matters of law”...which is technically correct. But we at Ermer Law Group, PLLC look beyond this limiting perspective to develop strategies and solutions designed to help all of our clients achieve their business and personal goals.

Our unique blend of size and experience allows us to handle complex issues while providing an uncommonly high level of personal service. Clients, regardless of how large or small they are, benefit from the full range of legal services and skills available from Ermer Law Group, PLLC.

Our mission at Ermer Law Group, PLLC is simple: To be trusted counselors and vigorous advocates, and to provide legal services of uncompromising quality.


If you have received a questionnaire from us and you want to respond on line or you just want to learn more about our Third Party Recovery Services, please click here.
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Visit FEHBlog, an Ermer Law Group, PLLC service providing Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and general health benefits law, policy commentary, and news filter -- written and maintained by David M. Ermer, managing partner of Ermer Law Grojup, PLLC, a Washington, DC law firm. We welcome your feedback!
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