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The multitude of federal laws governing health care, including HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act, pose many legal hurdles for health plans, and the benefits of compliance -- and the risks of non-compliance -- are great. Ermer Law Group, PLLC plays a key role in assisting its clients to achieve and maintain compliance with these laws. We are prepared to help new clients, as well.




If you have received a questionnaire from us and you want to respond on line or you just want to learn more about our Third Party Recovery Services, please click here.
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Visit FEHBlog, an Ermer Law Group, PLLC service providing Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and general health benefits law, policy commentary, and news filter -- written and maintained by David M. Ermer, managing partner of Ermer Law Group, PLLC, a Washington, DC law firm. We welcome your feedback!
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